Chicken Soup, and Cold and Flu Remedies

When you make chicken (or other hot soups) and add tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, brown rice, onion, and parsley, you not only have something to make you feel better, but also something to aid in long-term health preservation. These ingredients have special properties that help with strengthening the immune system, such as Vitamin C. Chicken soup can even help relieve nasal congestion.

A bowl of steaming chicken soup is one of the most potent home remedies. Another is hot tea. Chicken soup helps keep reduce and eliminate inflammation in the airways. It contains aminio acids that can aid in treatment of bronchitis and other inflammatory respiratory illnesses.

The specific ingredients help with these things:

celery: reduces risk of cancer and high blood pressure, contains potassium, Vitamin C, and soluble fiber

carrots: lower colesterol, reduce risk of heart attacks and certain cancers, help with absorption of Vitamin A, help strengthen eyesight

garlic: natural antibiotic, ease ear infections, lower trigycerides, lower cholestoreol, lower risk of stroke, kill bacteria of nose and throat, relieve asthma symptoms, reduces some aging symptoms

brown rice: keeps digestion regular, high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, source of B vitamins, high in protein, good for digestive tract and immune system

onion: Interesting note: during the Civil War, onions were used to fight dysentery. There is a tradition of using onions in home remedies for this disease. Onions can reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and help to reduce birth defects.

parsley: relieves urinary tract infections, breath freshener, natural healing powers

tomato: help keeps older people active, aid in prevention of cataracts, high in Vitamin C, good source of Vitamin A and iron.

okra: high in Vitamin C, powerful antioxidant, fights cancer and heart disease, contains lots of magnesium, slows bone loss, fights chronic fatigue, lowers blood pressure, fights diabetes. aids in prevention of digestive disorders

One more home remedy:

Vicks Vapor Rub on the feet is better than on the chest, it works quicker to open nasal passages and stop coughing. Rub the Vicks on bottom of feet, then put socks on. Continue to change Vicks (and socks) every 4 hours. If you put on chest, don’t go outside in the cold until you wash it off.

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